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Guest Blog: 8 tips for writing your report – by Sandra

From Dr. Maille: Some schools require a report as part of your science fair project – this is especially true for higher level competitions. Even if you don’t have to write one, you should because it will help you prepare for your presentation. Ultimately, a well written report will help you stand out against your … Continue reading »

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Replicate! Replicate! Replicate!

The single biggest mistake in all the science fair projects I evaluated yesterday was no replication or incorrect replication, so today’s post is geared toward covering this specific topic. All science experiments MUST be replicated. That means you have to repeat everything you did, exactly the same way (to the best of your ability), a … Continue reading »

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Observations from a science fair judge…

Today I read 300 science fair project boards, and was saddened to find only 4 original ideas. All of the others were ideas from the internet including: how much iron is in cereal, which ball bounces higher, what color do plants grow best in, which music makes plants grow the most, how much vitamin C … Continue reading »

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What the Science Fair Judge won’t tell you

As a judge, I will look at 20 to 50 projects at any given fair. Here is what you should do to ensure I am happy to be at your project board. 1. Put the title at the top of the center panel. If it is not there, I will get annoyed looking for it. … Continue reading »

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Top 10 Questions from a Science Fair Judge

Here is a list of the top 10 questions mostly likely asked by a science fair judge during the interview process. Thinking about clear and concise answers beforehand will score you points with any judge. I also included hints on what type of information the judge is really looking for: 1. Where did you get … Continue reading »

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How fair is the Science Fair?

Science Fair Judges are the “referees” in the sport of science fair. As with all judged sports, such as gymnastics and ice skating, biases will be present, mistakes will be made, and when it is all over, the science fair may seem anything but fair. All athletes and sports teams have experienced bad referees, but … Continue reading »

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