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Fascinated by Flight? Try a Paper Airplane Themed Science Fair Project

Airplane projects are easy, cheap, popular, and fun — but suffer from 2 problems. 1. Lack of standardization in the procedure (i.e. the throwing) 2. Lack of creativity This post is to help you get past these obstacles. Your first big challenge is to find a way to standardize the throwing part of the procedure. … Continue reading »

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Kitchen Friendly Science Fair Projects

There are plenty of science fair project ideas just waiting in your kitchen. Generally, it will mean you will be working with food: popcorn, potato chips, eggs, spaghetti, soda, maple syrup, red cabbage, and vinegar are just the beginning! Think about what special properties each one has and what “old-wives-tales” you have heard about a … Continue reading »

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Score: Kid 1, Parent 0 — Encouraging your child to pick their own science fair project topic

Finally! Yesterday, my daughter came home from school with the much anticipated science fair project guidelines. Her school didn’t coordinate the event in time for higher level science fair competitions, so these projects would be for just for a school demonstration. “What are we doing this year?” I exclaimed with the enthusiasm of an over-involved, … Continue reading »

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Whether weather is a good topic for your science fair project … or not

Generally, weather-related science fair projects score well with teachers and judges because they require time and effort, much like plant projects. It is possible to do idea #2 or #3 in a weekend if the weather cooperates (i.e. it rains or snows when you need it to), but typically you will need at least 1 … Continue reading »

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Snowed In? Get your science fair project done!

It snowed last night in Maryland, so all soccer games were cancelled. (Yes, our club teams are playing “winter league” so we have kids playing 11 v 11 outdoor games even in January!) Anyway, if you find yourself snowed in – or with an unexpectedly clear schedule – then you could do some science! Ideas … Continue reading »

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Scientific American Guest Blogs

Periodically, I post blogs on the Scientific American Guest Blog. Here are examples: 3 Strategies for an Original Science Fair project idea: How to answer the 5 most common questions from a science fair judge: Anatomy of a science fair project:

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The $2.00 science fair project

Short on time and money, but still need to do a science fair project? Then this idea is for you and FYI it also works as a math fair project. It is unique (i.e., I made it up), cheap, easy, and follows the scientific method. . . . . . . Step 1 Research/Question: Ecologists … Continue reading »

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How to do a successful sports-themed science fair project

Option 1: Give up early and find another topic Generally, the biggest problem with every sports-themed project is the lack of standardization of some part of the procedure (see “fatal flaws” page). There is just NO WAY to make sure that you, as the experimenter, hit the baseball, kick the soccer ball, throw the football, … Continue reading »

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New science fair project ideas for the New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! – I hope 2011 was kind to you and 2012 will be even better. Here is a new idea for a science fair project, but you will need to design it yourself. I will post other ideas soon. Question: Which has more DNA, plants or animals? Do Research on: importance of … Continue reading »

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What the Science Fair Judge won’t tell you

As a judge, I will look at 20 to 50 projects at any given fair. Here is what you should do to ensure I am happy to be at your project board. 1. Put the title at the top of the center panel. If it is not there, I will get annoyed looking for it. … Continue reading »

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