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Fascinated by Flight? Try a Paper Airplane Themed Science Fair Project

Airplane projects are easy, cheap, popular, and fun — but suffer from 2 problems. 1. Lack of standardization in the procedure (i.e. the throwing) 2. Lack of creativity This post is to help you get past these obstacles. Your first big challenge is to find a way to standardize the throwing part of the procedure. … Continue reading »

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The $2.00 science fair project

Short on time and money, but still need to do a science fair project? Then this idea is for you and FYI it also works as a math fair project. It is unique (i.e., I made it up), cheap, easy, and follows the scientific method. . . . . . . Step 1 Research/Question: Ecologists … Continue reading »

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Toilet Seat Science

If you have to do a science fair project, you might as well make it fun, or at least gross. Today I came across this blurb: So I used Google Scholar to find the original article: E.L. Best, J.A.T. Sandoe, M.H. Wilcox (2011) Potential for aerosolization of Clostridium difficile after flushing toilets: the role … Continue reading »

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How to do a successful sports-themed science fair project

Option 1: Give up early and find another topic Generally, the biggest problem with every sports-themed project is the lack of standardization of some part of the procedure (see “fatal flaws” page). There is just NO WAY to make sure that you, as the experimenter, hit the baseball, kick the soccer ball, throw the football, … Continue reading »

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Observations from a science fair judge…

Today I read 300 science fair project boards, and was saddened to find only 4 original ideas. All of the others were ideas from the internet including: how much iron is in cereal, which ball bounces higher, what color do plants grow best in, which music makes plants grow the most, how much vitamin C … Continue reading »

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Pop Quiz #1

This is the first in a series of “pop quizzes” for science fair competitors to practice their skills. Think of them as “time trials” for cycling or “scrimmages” for soccer. Feel free to leave your answers in the comment box. Identify the dependent variable in each project idea. Project Idea #1: What is the effect … Continue reading »

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Can chewing gum make you smarter?

Science Fair Projects – Bubble Gum This was my daughter’s 6th grade science fair project. She was excited because she thought she was going to get to chew a lot of bubble gum, but that was not the case. She did, however, generate data to support the idea that some kids should be allowed to … Continue reading »

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How to find an idea for a science fair project

This is unquestionably the hardest part of any science fair project, so here are 3 strategies for finding an original idea, ranked from easiest (good enough) to hardest (best): 1. Find directions for a project online or in a science fair project book. Complete the project as it is because this is a good way … Continue reading »

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How to do a science fair project without fancy equipment

Project Idea: Make it – Use it strategy One strategy for a unique, creative science fair project is to make a piece of equipment (Part I) and then use that equipment in an experiment or field survey (Part II). For example, the student could make a barometer, thermometer, secchi disk, plankton net, anemometer, etc. (just … Continue reading »

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Match the science fair project to the type of kid!

What type of project are you looking for? The answer should depend on what type of student you are. So are you a… 1. “Self-motivated, task-oriented”, science enthusiast? Then every book on science fair projects was written for you – congrats! You can do almost any type of project you want, for example: Plant projects … Continue reading »

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