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A technically complete science fair project in ONE HOUR

This project is not going to win any fair, but if you are in a jam and just need SOMETHING and a decent grade, then this project might help: Science Fair Project in One Hour WHAT YOU NEED: maple syrup (cheap fake stuff is best), tall thin glass container like a flower vase (taller is … Continue reading »

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How to design a science fair project from scratch: day 3

Doing a “trial run” might seem inefficient, but I assure you – it will help discover any issues or problems and will help pinpoint concentrations, volumes, times, etc. that need to be worked out if you are designing your own project. Mistake #1: I put the 2 jars in a dark area of my kitchen; … Continue reading »

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Change THIS, Measure THAT: How to design your own unique science fair project

Back to school time is also: “what am I going to do for a science fair project” time. This happens to be my FAVORITE time of year, but I appreciate that the required project also causes a lot of stress in a lot of classrooms and households!! START EARLY – here is some help: Look … Continue reading »

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Guest Blog – Inexpensive and Easy Science Fair Projects: Magnets – Experiment #1 – by Bruce

Is your science fair coming up, but you’re still not sure what to present for it? Trying to find a last minute idea without breaking the bank can be really frustrating but one simple tool- magnets can give you a few ideas! This is experiment #1 in a 3 part series of fun, simple, inexpensive … Continue reading »

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How to Make a Great Science Fair Project Backboard: An example

Many of you should be ready to make your project backboards. Here is a great example of an attractive board with a good balance of art and science. Sarah is in the 6th grade. Some things to notice: -a catchy title -a clear testable question -logical and expected order of sections from left to right … Continue reading »

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Guest Blog: School Science Fair Ideas – by Meghan

Meghan is a recent college graduate that leads an educational portal for students. CHECK OUT: or click on: Educational Portal School Science Fair Ideas The school science fair is a time honored American tradition. It is meant as a celebration of all things science and allows students to receive praise outside of the classroom. … Continue reading »

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Unique and Topical Science Fair Project Idea: Ocean Acidification

Question: How will changes in ocean water chemistry affect animals that live in the ocean? Step 1: Research Search for “Ocean Acidification” and look for websites by NOAA or NSF or from a University/College. DO NOT get overwhelmed by the chemistry. The essential idea is that ocean water is naturally basic (pH ~ 8) but … Continue reading »

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One Day Unique Science Fair Experiment with COFFEE!

I usually do not write out all the details of an experiment because I want you (whether you are a mentor or a student) to have a hand in designing the experiment. I think that just following directions of a detailed procedure that someone else wrote, isn’t really experiencing science. It’s closer to baking or … Continue reading »

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Creative Ideas for NEXT YEAR’s Science Fair Project

If you are working on this year’s project, and you have less than a week to get it done…. Check out my suggestions in posts for “popcorn projects” or “bubblegum projects” or even “paper airplanes” — They can all be done in a weekend (or even a day if you are really stuck). But if … Continue reading »

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Science Fair Projects with Animals: Part II – Animals WITHOUT Backbones

Most kids love animals, so it is natural that they may want to do a science fair project focused on them. However, most science fairs have strict rules governing the types of experiments that can and can NOT be done with animals. It is important that you understand these rules and complete all necessary paperwork … Continue reading »

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