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New Year’s Resolution: Do your own science fair project (correctly)

I get it… few parents and kids love science fair projects as much as I do – but that’s OK – I am here to help! Doing a science fair project should be fun and informative, not stressful. For the new year, I recommend tackling the science fair with a new outlook. Design your own … Continue reading »

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How to design a science fair project from scratch: day 3

Doing a “trial run” might seem inefficient, but I assure you – it will help discover any issues or problems and will help pinpoint concentrations, volumes, times, etc. that need to be worked out if you are designing your own project. Mistake #1: I put the 2 jars in a dark area of my kitchen; … Continue reading »

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How to design a science fair project from scratch: day 2

Today I am figuring out the best set up to use and doing a “trial run”. Buying 12 mung bean sprouters isn’t in by budget so I made one from items I could find easily (pasta jar, cheese cloth, elastics): This is a 12 oz mason jar that I buy Classico Alfredo Sauce in (and … Continue reading »

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How to design a science fair project from scratch: day 1

Here is some insight into life with a scientist: My daughter tried some freshly sprouted mung beans from a friend at school –> She looked up mung beans and discovered they are very healthy and wanted to start eating them more regularly –> I went to the store to buy mung beans and discovered you … Continue reading »

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Change THIS, Measure THAT: How to design your own unique science fair project

Back to school time is also: “what am I going to do for a science fair project” time. This happens to be my FAVORITE time of year, but I appreciate that the required project also causes a lot of stress in a lot of classrooms and households!! START EARLY – here is some help: Look … Continue reading »

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Guest Blog – Inexpensive and Easy Science Fair Projects: Magnets – Experiment #2 – by Bruce

Is your science fair coming up, but you’re still not sure what to present for it? Trying to find a last minute idea without breaking the bank can be really frustrating but one simple tool- magnets can give you a few ideas! This is experiment #2 in a 3 part series of fun, simple, inexpensive … Continue reading »

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What will the Science Fair Judge ask me?

Judges are the “referees” in the sport of science fair. As with most refereed sports, the losing teams will often blame the referees for failure and, in some cases that is the case, and in other cases you just got beat. Since there is no appeal process, no coach’s challenge, and no instant replay for … Continue reading »

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Guest Blog: School Science Fair Ideas – by Meghan

Meghan is a recent college graduate that leads an educational portal for students. CHECK OUT: or click on: Educational Portal School Science Fair Ideas The school science fair is a time honored American tradition. It is meant as a celebration of all things science and allows students to receive praise outside of the classroom. … Continue reading »

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One Day Unique Science Fair Experiment with COFFEE!

I usually do not write out all the details of an experiment because I want you (whether you are a mentor or a student) to have a hand in designing the experiment. I think that just following directions of a detailed procedure that someone else wrote, isn’t really experiencing science. It’s closer to baking or … Continue reading »

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How to prepare for a successful science fair project experience

It’s never too early to start planning for a science fair project. Here is a quick checklist so that you, as a mentor/parent, will know you have all the parts and can complete the project efficiently and successfully: First, keep in mind the basic FORMULA FOR SUCCESS: Scientific method (45%) + Creative idea (45%) + … Continue reading »

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