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How to make the Mentos-Soda explosion into a winning science fair project

So you really just want to make a mess and blow something up, but if you learn scientific method along the way, we’ll call it a win-win! First, check out the description of the reaction and photos from those that have tried it, here: Mentos Diet Coke Geyser at Steve Spangler Science via @SpanglerScience … Continue reading »

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New Year’s Resolution: Design your own science fair project!

Think about your favorite recipe, one you make the exact same way every time. Perhaps the recipe is for chocolate chip cookies, or banana bread, or apple pie. Now imagine you are partway through the recipe and realize you are missing one key ingredient, for example, milk or sugar. What would you do? I would … Continue reading »

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New science fair project ideas for the New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! – I hope 2011 was kind to you and 2012 will be even better. Here is a new idea for a science fair project, but you will need to design it yourself. I will post other ideas soon. Question: Which has more DNA, plants or animals? Do Research on: importance of … Continue reading »

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Graphing 101: Examples of graph types

BAR GRAPH – This is the most common type for science fair projects. You may select a bar graph when your independent variable is qualitative (categories) or quantitative (numbers). Look closely and make sure your bar graph has all the highlighted parts: LINE GRAPH – This is the second most common, but frequently used incorrectly, … Continue reading »

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What the Science Fair Judge won’t tell you

As a judge, I will look at 20 to 50 projects at any given fair. Here is what you should do to ensure I am happy to be at your project board. 1. Put the title at the top of the center panel. If it is not there, I will get annoyed looking for it. … Continue reading »

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Top 10 Questions from a Science Fair Judge

Here is a list of the top 10 questions mostly likely asked by a science fair judge during the interview process. Thinking about clear and concise answers beforehand will score you points with any judge. I also included hints on what type of information the judge is really looking for: 1. Where did you get … Continue reading »

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Can chewing gum make you smarter?

Science Fair Projects – Bubble Gum This was my daughter’s 6th grade science fair project. She was excited because she thought she was going to get to chew a lot of bubble gum, but that was not the case. She did, however, generate data to support the idea that some kids should be allowed to … Continue reading »

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How to find an idea for a science fair project

This is unquestionably the hardest part of any science fair project, so here are 3 strategies for finding an original idea, ranked from easiest (good enough) to hardest (best): 1. Find directions for a project online or in a science fair project book. Complete the project as it is because this is a good way … Continue reading »

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5 Ways to Lose the Science Fair

Many times when you don’t win a science fair there isn’t any feedback on why your project was not selected as “best in show”. Here is a list of the 5 most common “red card violations” to get you kicked out of the science fair game (note that although I frequently fouled out of basketball … Continue reading »

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