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New Year’s Resolution: Do your own science fair project (correctly)

I get it… few parents and kids love science fair projects as much as I do – but that’s OK – I am here to help! Doing a science fair project should be fun and informative, not stressful. For the new year, I recommend tackling the science fair with a new outlook. Design your own … Continue reading »

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How to design a science fair project from scratch: day 1

Here is some insight into life with a scientist: My daughter tried some freshly sprouted mung beans from a friend at school –> She looked up mung beans and discovered they are very healthy and wanted to start eating them more regularly –> I went to the store to buy mung beans and discovered you … Continue reading »

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What will the Science Fair Judge ask me?

Judges are the “referees” in the sport of science fair. As with most refereed sports, the losing teams will often blame the referees for failure and, in some cases that is the case, and in other cases you just got beat. Since there is no appeal process, no coach’s challenge, and no instant replay for … Continue reading »

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One Day Unique Science Fair Experiment with COFFEE!

I usually do not write out all the details of an experiment because I want you (whether you are a mentor or a student) to have a hand in designing the experiment. I think that just following directions of a detailed procedure that someone else wrote, isn’t really experiencing science. It’s closer to baking or … Continue reading »

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Projects you can start this year, for next year. Idea #3 = Plant Projects

If you know how to do a project AND you know you want to, or need to, do one for next year – why not start one now? It is the perfect time to start a plant-themed science fair project because there will be sufficient time for the plants to grow by a measurable amount. … Continue reading »

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Whether weather is a good topic for your science fair project … or not

Generally, weather-related science fair projects score well with teachers and judges because they require time and effort, much like plant projects. It is possible to do idea #2 or #3 in a weekend if the weather cooperates (i.e. it rains or snows when you need it to), but typically you will need at least 1 … Continue reading »

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What do scientists do?

Hold your horses! Cool your jets! Take it down a notch! Take a chill pill! The English language is wonderfully redundant — there are many ways to say the same thing. It turns out that a bacterial community is also redundant too. In my “day job” I do full time research on aquatic bacteria. Background … Continue reading »

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Scientific American Guest Blogs

Periodically, I post blogs on the Scientific American Guest Blog. Here are examples: 3 Strategies for an Original Science Fair project idea: How to answer the 5 most common questions from a science fair judge: Anatomy of a science fair project:

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How to do a successful sports-themed science fair project

Option 1: Give up early and find another topic Generally, the biggest problem with every sports-themed project is the lack of standardization of some part of the procedure (see “fatal flaws” page). There is just NO WAY to make sure that you, as the experimenter, hit the baseball, kick the soccer ball, throw the football, … Continue reading »

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Replicate! Replicate! Replicate!

The single biggest mistake in all the science fair projects I evaluated yesterday was no replication or incorrect replication, so today’s post is geared toward covering this specific topic. All science experiments MUST be replicated. That means you have to repeat everything you did, exactly the same way (to the best of your ability), a … Continue reading »

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