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Scientific American Guest Blogs

Periodically, I post blogs on the Scientific American Guest Blog. Here are examples: 3 Strategies for an Original Science Fair project idea: How to answer the 5 most common questions from a science fair judge: Anatomy of a science fair project:

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New Year’s Resolution: Design your own science fair project!

Think about your favorite recipe, one you make the exact same way every time. Perhaps the recipe is for chocolate chip cookies, or banana bread, or apple pie. Now imagine you are partway through the recipe and realize you are missing one key ingredient, for example, milk or sugar. What would you do? I would … Continue reading »

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Scientific Method in 5 EASY Steps

Here is the SCIENTIFIC METHOD broken down into 5 easy steps. Make sure these steps are highlighted on your final display so that your teachers and judges know that you used the scientific method to answer your question. • STEP 1. Do some RESEARCH on a topic of interest, make an OBSERVATION about a variable … Continue reading »

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