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How to Make a Great Science Fair Project Backboard: An example

Many of you should be ready to make your project backboards. Here is a great example of an attractive board with a good balance of art and science. Sarah is in the 6th grade. Some things to notice: -a catchy title -a clear testable question -logical and expected order of sections from left to right … Continue reading »

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Creative Ideas for NEXT YEAR’s Science Fair Project

If you are working on this year’s project, and you have less than a week to get it done…. Check out my suggestions in posts for “popcorn projects” or “bubblegum projects” or even “paper airplanes” — They can all be done in a weekend (or even a day if you are really stuck). But if … Continue reading »

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Backboard Basics for Science Fair Projects

The backboard is the final part of most science fair projects. If your teacher has given you directions on the preferred layout, then use that — but in the event your are not sure of what goes where, here is a generic backboard template. Choose 1 to 3 colors to make the display board attractive, … Continue reading »

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New Year’s Resolution: Design your own science fair project!

Think about your favorite recipe, one you make the exact same way every time. Perhaps the recipe is for chocolate chip cookies, or banana bread, or apple pie. Now imagine you are partway through the recipe and realize you are missing one key ingredient, for example, milk or sugar. What would you do? I would … Continue reading »

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What the Science Fair Judge won’t tell you

As a judge, I will look at 20 to 50 projects at any given fair. Here is what you should do to ensure I am happy to be at your project board. 1. Put the title at the top of the center panel. If it is not there, I will get annoyed looking for it. … Continue reading »

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How fair is the Science Fair?

Science Fair Judges are the “referees” in the sport of science fair. As with all judged sports, such as gymnastics and ice skating, biases will be present, mistakes will be made, and when it is all over, the science fair may seem anything but fair. All athletes and sports teams have experienced bad referees, but … Continue reading »

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