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Scientific Method in 5 EASY Steps

Posted by on November 23, 2011

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Here is the SCIENTIFIC METHOD broken down into 5 easy steps. Make sure these steps are highlighted on your final display so that your teachers and judges know that you used the scientific method to answer your question.

• STEP 1. Do some RESEARCH on a topic of interest, make an OBSERVATION about a variable from that subject, and then ask a QUESTION based on the observation made.

Note: Where and Why questions are difficult to answer with a science fair project, so guide your student toward How questions, for example: How does this variable affect that variable? And What questions such as: What is the impact of this variable on that variable?

• STEP 2. State a HYPOTHESIS (a prediction) that answers the question asked

• STEP 3. Design an EXPERIMENT to test the hypothesis stated
 Identify the independent, dependent, and constant/controlled variables
 Ensure the dependent variable is quantitative (measurable)
 Include the appropriate control (it must “control” for the independent variable)
 Replicate experiment at least 3 times (collect data)

• STEP 4. Analyze the RESULTS (data) to determine if the hypothesis should be accepted or rejected

• STEP 5. Make a CONCLUSION (accept or reject the hypothesis); The conclusion is often the next observation so finish the project by suggesting the next experiment that could be done.

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