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Pop Quiz #2: Quantitative Variables

Posted by on December 27, 2011

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Which of the following are QUANTITATIVE variables (and therefore would make good dependent variables)?

Hint: For definitions on quantitative vs. qualitative and dependent vs. independent variables see the “words you need” page under the “getting started” tab above.


I’ll put the answers in the comment section soon, but in the mean time feel free to put your answers there too.

One Response to Pop Quiz #2: Quantitative Variables

  1. Dr. Maille Lyons

    Most of them can be either, depending on how you measure them. For example: Height would be qualitative if it were Tall, Medium, Short and quantitative if the actual height in numbers (120 cm). The same is true for Age. It would be qualitative if grouped into Old vs. Young, but quantitative if the actual age in years (33 years old).

    Race, Gender, and Color are always qualitative categories. Direction (N, S, E, W) might seem like it too would always be qualitative, but if you measured the actual degrees it would be quantitative.

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