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How fair is the Science Fair?

Posted by on December 5, 2011

Science Fair Judges are the “referees” in the sport of science fair. As with all judged sports, such as gymnastics and ice skating, biases will be present, mistakes will be made, and when it is all over, the science fair may seem anything but fair. All athletes and sports teams have experienced bad referees, but in the science fair there is no appeal process, no coach’s challenge, and no instant replay for review.

Here are 5 recommendations to minimize “bad calls”:

1. Follow the rules (see page on scientific method)
2. Interest them with an attractive backboard (see post on how to make a backboard)
3. Dazzle them with creativity (see pages on designing your own project)
4. Avoid the fatal flaws (see list under scientific method)
5. Demonstrate both enthusiasm and knowledge (see tips on judging)

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