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Example of a successful Mung Bean Science Fair Project

Posted by on March 2, 2014

Here is an example of one version of the Mung Bean project targeting acid rain. He is a fifth grader and focused on changing pH with vinegar to evaluate the effects of low pH on plant growth.

5th grade Science Fair Project Board

5th grade Science Fair Project Board

If you have done a version of the Mung Bean project I detailed in earlier posts, send me the photo and I may post it too!

6 Responses to Example of a successful Mung Bean Science Fair Project

  1. Francis Rosado

    Hi Maille,
    I’m trying to help my daughter with a science fair project which is due in a few weeks. I’m intrigued with the ‘mung’ bean experiment and acid rain. Is it possible to get a higher resolution photo for the project board?
    Thanks, Francis

    • Dr. Maille Lyons

      No (not my photo) – but did you have any specific questions? pH was manipulated with vinegar and water (e.g. 0% = no vinegar, all water, 10%, 50%, 100%= all vinegar, no water)

  2. Richard

    What was the point of having a jar with no water in the above experiment? Isn’t amount of water a control variable?

    • Dr. Maille Lyons

      The main point was to show the difference between before and after soaking.

      However, the dry beans could be used as the control depending on the way in which the question being addressed is evaluated. Otherwise the “plain water” can also be used as the control condition. If you meant to ask “isn’t the amount of water the same in each set-?”, again it depends on how and why you are using the mung bean system to answer a specific question. Chances are, yes, you will always use 1 cup of “fluid”, so in that sense it is a variable you are not interested in, so it would be the same each time.

  3. Thembisa

    Hi, Dr Lyons

    My son is having a science expo it’s his first year, we have
    No clue what to do can you help with some ideas. His doing grade 6 its due in four weeks.

    Thank you

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