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Backboard Basics for Science Fair Projects

Posted by on March 26, 2012

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The backboard is the final part of most science fair projects. If your teacher has given you directions on the preferred layout, then use that — but in the event your are not sure of what goes where, here is a generic backboard template.

Template for Science Fair Project Backboard Display

Choose 1 to 3 colors to make the display board attractive, but not too busy or distracting. Your title should be EASILY read from a distance of 6 to 10 feet away. Pictures of the process and results will also make the board more attractive and draw viewers to your project.

Here is one example:

Award Winning Project Board - 6th grade

And another:

Award winning science fair project 5th grade

And another:

Award winning project -- 5th grade

6 Responses to Backboard Basics for Science Fair Projects

  1. victoria

    I’m a little confused…in the examples of winning projects, their titles aren’t that big. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have seen that from 6- 10 feet away. Also, would it be too much if i were to have a title on top of the board? ( print the title big on a large piece of cardboard ; cut to slits on the board and the cardboard and put it together)

    • Dr. Maille Lyons

      Much of what you do will depend on how much you have to display. Several of those projects needed smaller titles to fit in their information, data, procedure, etc. There is flexibility is the size – just not TOO small. The title is the most important if you want to attract people to your project. Yes – putting in above is a great idea as long as you are under the maximum height limits (if any). Good Luck – and I’d love to see a finished copy of your board!

  2. victoria

    One more thing, would it be okay if i were to take out the acknowledgements?

    • Dr. Maille Lyons

      If you don’t have any – yes, but check with what your teacher requests. Even in scientific publications, we acknowledge anyone who contributed or helped, because science is rarely done alone.

  3. Akshanth

    Never leave out acknowledgements. They are really important. You need to give credit to whoever helped you

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