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5 answers that science fair judges DO NOT want to hear

Posted by on October 27, 2011

Unfortunately, these are real examples from Science Fairs that I have judged:

1. Question: Where did you get this idea?
Answer: My sister did it last year and won!

2. Question: What was your control?
Answer: I was in control the whole time – I promise!

3. Question: How did you make this pie chart?
Answer: I didn’t, my mom did it while I finished my history homework.

4. Question: Why did you choose this topic?
Answer: My dad said it would win.

5. Question: Did you enjoy doing your project?
Answer: No, I hate science and my mom made me do this (OK this one was from my kid).

These are all questions that each student should expect. For more tips see my page on “Tips on Judging”

Good Luck!

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