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10 worst science fair projects

Posted by on January 7, 2012

My first project was the effect of acid rain on house plants, which at the time seemed environmentally relevant, but in hindsight was silly because it does not rain indoors. Nevertheless, I ended up as a scientist, so even a not-so-perfect start can end well. This is a list of real projects that I have judged or seen over the past 5 years.

Here are the worst ideas for projects I have seen lately:

10. Which bounces higher, a tennis ball or a golf ball?
9. Which makes a basketball bounce higher, grass or pavement?
8. Full or flat? Which soccer ball travels further when kicked?
7. What is the effect of bleach on plants?
6. Which type of music does my dog like best?
5. Does blood separate faster in the refrigerator?

These will be added to my All Time list of really bad project ideas, which currently includes:

4. What is the effect of ice on my goldfish? (not legal)
3. How moldy can a piece of bread get? (included molded bread glued to backboard – not permitted)
2. What is the effect of donuts on blood sugar? (not recommended)
1. How quickly do dead fish float? (not legal)

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